crunchy beetroot, artichoke cream

For 20 pieces:

± 200g of raw beetroot

1 can of artichoke’s hearts or, even better, 340g of fresh artichoke’s hearts (leaves and chokes out – hearts steamed)

1 bunch of fresh mint

20cl of olive oil

Artichoke cream:

-mix the artichokes’ hearts with the mint leaves and the olive oil until you get a smooth cream. Usually canned artichokes are salty enough but taste and salt if necessary.


-Put silicone gloves on.

-Peel the beetroot and thinly slice with a mandoline slicer.

-In each slice, cut a 5cm disk with a stainless steel cutter.

To serve:

-on a beetroot slice, add a tsp of artichoke’s cream and put another slice on top. Decorate with a bit of artichoke cream.

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