lentils to eat your eyes closed!

Yes, the colour is weird but you can trust me, this dish is delicious!

I sprouted the lentils so I soaked it overnight then rinced and strained twice a day.

I cooked the lentils in a little bit of water for 20 minutes.

5 minutes before the end, I added a few frozen peas, I covered, I turned off the heat and I left it overnight. This morning I added:

-the juice of 1 lemon and its grated zest (organic and not chemically treated, of course!),

-1 can of tomatoes (in cubes) simmered for 30 minutes with a little olive oil (always cold pressed), Provence’s herbs, Cayenne hot pepper, and se salt flakes,

-1 can of artichokes hearts cut in 2

-1 can of artichokes bottoms cut in stripes (here, the hearts still has the leaves, the bottom doesn’t)

-a little cold pressed oil

And that’s it! Ready and taken away!

It’s fresh, delicious, and nourishing!

I insist… the colour is strange (but with lentils it’s hard to do otherwise), but I invite you to try this recipe!

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