quinoa a bit like Cantonese rice

This is perfect for some quinoa leftovers, it’s great for lunch, and it’s so easy to make!

In a pan, warm a little sesame oil. Add a handful of peanuts or cashew nuts. When it’s a little golden, add the cooked quinoa. And let it fry a little. In the meantime, cook some frozen peas (5 minutes in boiling water), drain it, and add to the quinoa.

Mix and add some soy sauce (I use Gluten Free Tamari). Mix everything thoroughly.

Add a big bunch of fresh chopped coriander. It’s ready!

You can also add an egg as in a Cantonese rice and mix it in the quinoa when it still in the frying pan so it cooks.

You can do the same with rice, buskwheat, small noodles…

Add other vegetables or some hot spices.

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