a good pizza

Well, now that we know how to make bread, we’re ready for pizzas! 

Personally, when I make bread, I take a piece of the dough to make pizzas. After, what you put on your pizza, like tacos or burgers, is an affair of taste! 


A little reminder about the dough:

For 1kg of flour, you need about 500ml of water, 10g sea salt flakes, and 1 small piece of fresh yeast (42g).

If you wanna go from the start, don’t hesitate to go back on the “bread recipe” page.

After the first rest of the dough, I leave 2/3 for the bread and keep 1/3 for the pizzas.

To that third, I add 3 tbsp of olive oil, I knead until the oil is completely incorporated in the dough.

I cut it in 3 to make smaller balls and I leave to rest under a clean and humid towel for 30 to 40 minutes.

After that, as I’m not a pizzaïolo, I use a rolling pin. Don’t forget to put some flour on your tabletop or it will stick.

Then I decorate it first with tomato purée (very classic for a red pizza). On the picture illustrating my words, there’s the vegetarian pizza with artichoke’s hearts and cheddar cheese, one fishy pizza with anchovies, black olives and mozzarella, and a meaty pizza with mozzarella, Parma ham, Parmiggiano shavings and fresh basil (those last 3 ingredients aren’t cooked but added just before service).

Sometimes I make a big rectangle and make two different toppings.

Now, you need the secret for a great crust… I found it by Jamie Oliver who advices to use a cast iron board directly under the pizza in a very warm oven.

I tested it and… it works!

I placed the pizza on a cast iron skillet (my oven is small, so it was the best way to go) in a 240°C oven for about 15 minutes. The thing is that your oven has to be really hot to start with. I was impatient once and the crust of the first pizza wasn’t completely cooked which is awful. Happily, the second one was great as then the 240°C had been reached!

One day I’ll cook my pizza in my BBQ (I have one with a lid) so I’ll have the smoky taste of the traditional stuff!

Buon appetito a tutti!


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