wraps – easy & delicious


When you’re short on time and there’s not much left in the cupboards, you can often find ingredients to make a good wrap. When you’re fed up with bread sandwich, these are great and there’s more garnish then bread! 

I always try to have my favorite toppings and some wraps for when there’s no more eggs, no more homemade fresh bread, when I don’t want to heat any pots or pans, or if there’s no way I’m going out to brave the cold/wind/rain to find something to eat and, whatever the choice, I better not have anything else to eat but chocolate (there’s plenty of that around here).

If you’re gluten intolerant, there are some gluten free wraps made with corn flour.

Here are two possibilities with fish, one more luxurious than the other.

On the wrap, place two thin slices of ewe’s cheese (like pecorino), add some green leaves (I had spinach on hand).

Mash some tuna with dry tomatoes purée (easy to make with olive oil and dry tomatoes!). Leave the cheese if you don’t tolerate it.

Add this spread on top of the leaves.


It’s ready!

 The tuna mix is delicious inside cherry tomatoes or accompanying chickpea. 

The other recipe is even more simple:

On the wrap, mash some fresh avocado, sprinkle a few drops of lemon juice. Add a slice of smoked salmon and sprinkle hot pepper like espelette pepper or shichimi togarashi).

Roll, it’s ready!

That’s it! It’s great on fresh homemade bread but add some seeds inside the dough like chia seeds, sunflower seeds, or pavot seeds… so it’s a bit crispy in the soft inside of the bread!  

So it’s possible to eat something good and not stay in the kitchen for half a day!


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