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luxurious finger food (well, that you eat with your fingers)


This recipe will demand some time to make but none of the step are complicated. You can prepare everything in advance and put everything together at the last minutes. If you do so, the avocado cream has to be covered with film  and you shoulf put the avocado stone in the cream until it’s time to serve. The stone is helping to keep the green colour. If you like fishy flavor, you can add a few salmon eggs on top.  The base will inflate while cooking but, like a soufflé, it will come down while it cools. Which is good as it leaves a little place to put the filling! Don’t over cook the base as it will be too dry and not as good wether for the texture or the taste.

Soft nibbles, avocado cream, grapefruit and fresh herbs 

For the base :

2 egg yolk + 2 whole eggs

salt and pepper

1 tsp of grounded cumin

100ml of sour cream

40g of grated parmesan

1 tbsp of freshly minced dill

To garnish :

2 pink grapefruit

1 avocado

1 tsp of minced mint

1 tsp of minced dill

a few very small leaves of mint

a few leaves of dill

some Espelette pepper

  • Turn on the oven at 180°C.
  • To make the base: Beat the eggs and the yolks, salt and pepper. Add the cumin, the sour cream, the grated parmesan, and the dill. Mix until it’s smooth. Cook a little tsp of the mix on a pan so you can taste and rectify the seasoning if necessary.
  • Pour the mix onto silicone mould (diameter of about 4 cm) and cook in the oven for 10 minutes without over cooking.
  • Leave the base to cool on a rack.
  • Press one of the pink grapefruit and mix part of this juice with the avocado. You should get a soft cream that holds. It shouldn’t “melt”. It’s better to have a too thick cream in which you can add more juice than the opposite (unless you have more avocado to rectify!). Add salt and the Espelette pepper to taste.
  • Peel the other grapefruit to get into the meat. Separate the segments and cut them in triangles.
  • On each base, place a small spoon of the avocado cream, a grapefruit triangle, a bit of Espelette pepper, a small mint leave and one of dill.
  • Serve and enjoy!


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Spring rolls



This fresh recipe is also crunchy and full of layers of flavors that awakens the taste buds. You can change it to make it a salad. 

The sauce works on steamed vegetables, slow cooked poultry, white fish or silken tofu… You can prepare a lot of the sauce and keep it in the fridge for a few days. Take those rolls for a pic-nic or lunch but wrap them separately so they don’t stick together and stay humid. 

For 12

Sauce & marinade :

150ml soy sauce

120ml lemon juice

4 tbsp fresh peeled and grated ginger

1 peeled, minced garlic clove

1 deseeded Thaï red pepper, thinly minced (use gloves while working with hot peppers)

2 tsp of sugar

freshly ground pepper

  • Put everything in a bowl, mix well and put aside.

The rolls :

2 cucumbers, peeled to makes stripes, deseeded and cut in thin julienne

1 avocado cut in thin stripes

1 carrot, peeled and cut in julienne about  7,5 to 10cm long

1 red pepper, deseeded and cut in thin stripes

200g thin rice noodles (prepared as said on the package)

1 dozen fresh coriander branches, minced

2 tbsp of sesame oil

12 rice paper sheets

  • First marinate the cucumber. Prepare all the other ingredients then sieve the cucumber but keep the sauce for service.
  • Put the rice sheets, one by one, in warm (but not hot) water so it softens.
  • Garnish the soften sheets with the noodles, then with a little of each ingredients. Roll, folowing the instructions on the rice paper package.

Garnish :

1 small handful of grilled and salted peanuts, coarsely minced

To serve:

  • Cut each roll in two, put on a plate, pour some sauce and sprinkle with the peanuts.
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This is a recipe that makes me travel. I also forget the weather, if it’s a bit too warm to be comfortable or a bit cold for the season. There is some sweetness, some acidity, some salt, a bit of umami. It’s quite balanced and the meat eater won’t miss the meat here although you can add some chicken or shrimp in each roll. Actually, I find it more whole when prepared this way. I guess I could add some crunchy onions but I don’t really miss it here.

I think spring rolls are a great way to eat lots of veggie and to adapt to each season although you might want to change the name then!

What is your favorite spring roll recipe?

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gyoza – the Japanese delight

mmmmh some great gyozas! I love that!

Those small Japanese dumplings are half grilled and half steamed… Served with a simple soy sauce and a mix of Japanese Spices. It gets me every time. 

Well, almost, I did taste some awful ones in a terrible and pretentious restaurant! It tasted like old boiled cabbage. I couldn’t believe how bad it was. And I couldn’t understand how this restaurant could serve it.. But anyway, that’s, almost, forgotten!

I give you a super express recipe but don’t hesitate to try a more traditional recipe!

For 30 dumplings:

1 pack of gyoza rolled dough

The stuffing:

200g minced pork, of quality 

3 leaves of Chinese cabbage, cleaned

3 tbsp of tamari

1 tbsp of sesame oil 

1 tsp of fresh grated ginger

1/2 tsp of grounded coriander

1 handfull of grey peeled small shrimps

The sauce:


sesame oil

shichimi togarashi

 Prepare a little bowl of water.

Mince the Chinese cabbage and the shrimps.

Mix all the the ingredients of the stuffing.

 To stuff the gyozas, place a tsp of stuffing on a sheet of gyoza dough. Lightly wet the edges (that’s why you need the bowl of water) and close the dumpling, pressing the edges.

Star over until you used all the gyoza sheets!

 To cook, heat a little sesame oil in a frying pan. After 5 minutes, they’ll be golden. Don’t turn them over and add a little bit of water to cover the bottom of the pan and cover. When the water has evaporated, take the dumplings away and cook the next one.

Don’t overpack the frying pan and don’t add too much water.

Serve with the sauce (mix all the ingredients) and eat with chopsticks!

 You’ll see, it’s a little bit of work but it’s so good, you’ll forget how much time it took!

For the vegetarian: use firm tofu instead of pork. If you don’t eat shrimp, add a few hydrated seaweeds.

 It’s not new, and you know I love Japanese food. It’s savoury and light, it’s subtle and beautifully presented. And I love the Japanese ceramic as much as the food!



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creamy salmon

Here is a very quick and easy way to prepare something to spread on toasts or used as a dip with grissini or vegetables sticks.

In a food processor, mix 200g of smoked salmon, 1 bunch of fresh coriander and fresh goat cheese.

Mix until there’s not chunks left. And that’s it!

How easy can it be???

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rolled bacon with vegetables and kari gosse

Mr Gosse was a Breton apothecary from the XIXth century. He sold spices and had created his own curry that he called Kari Gosse. Here is my own version of the spicy mix.

For 20 rolls:

20 thin slices of bacon

2 parsnip

2 carrots

1 zucchini

0,2g red hot chilli

3g coriander seeds

2g caraway seeds

2g turmeric

2g ginger

0,6g cloves

3g cardamom seeds

1g cinnamon

2g dried lemon zest


The Kari Gosse:

-In a coffee grinder, mix all the spices and the zest together until you get a fine powder.

-In a warm frying pan, roast the mix until it’s nicely fragrant. Mix some of it with olive oil.


Vegetables and bacon:

-clean, peel and cut the vegetables in thin stripes.

-fry the bacon on one side only to golden it.


To serve:

-place the bacon slice, pale face on top, brush the spices on it, lay a few vegetable stripes at one end, and roll to form a bundle.

-Put 1 tsp of the spicy olive oil on top of each roll.

-Let it dry in the oven at 85°C.

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caramelised Roscoff onions with honey and za’atar

For 20 pieces:

5 medium Roscoff onions (400g)

60g of butter

4 tsp pf honey

4 tsp of za’atar

Guérande salt or sea salt flakes

The onion:


-Peel the onions and cut them in 4.

The sauce:

-Melt the butter in a pan with the honey, add the za’atar and the salt, whisk.

To serve:

-On an oven tray, dispose the quartered onions, brush it with the sauce, let it grill at 180°C until golden.

-Serve right away.

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crunchy beetroot, artichoke cream

For 20 pieces:

± 200g of raw beetroot

1 can of artichoke’s hearts or, even better, 340g of fresh artichoke’s hearts (leaves and chokes out – hearts steamed)

1 bunch of fresh mint

20cl of olive oil

Artichoke cream:

-mix the artichokes’ hearts with the mint leaves and the olive oil until you get a smooth cream. Usually canned artichokes are salty enough but taste and salt if necessary.


-Put silicone gloves on.

-Peel the beetroot and thinly slice with a mandoline slicer.

-In each slice, cut a 5cm disk with a stainless steel cutter.

To serve:

-on a beetroot slice, add a tsp of artichoke’s cream and put another slice on top. Decorate with a bit of artichoke cream.

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Salmon tartare with sea weed, wasabi and sea flavors

For 20 pieces

300g of smoked salmon

80g of salicornia in vinegar (salicornia is a French sea weed… you can replace it by pickle)

A few sprigs of fresh dill

3g of wasabi powder

1 tsp of matcha tea

2g of agar-agar

1g of dried arame

3 sticks of parsley

salt, water

The tartare:

-take 20 pieces of dill to decorate

-mince the salmon in small rectangles

-finely minced the salicornia and the rest of the dill

-mix the salmon, the dill, the salicornia, and the wasabi powder. Refrigerate.

Sea flavour:

-hydrate the arame in 2 cups of water for 15 to 20 minutes then drain.

-In a small saucepan, bring 2 cups of water to boil, salt to taste, add the agar-agar. Whip while boiling for 3 minutes.

-Away from the heat, add the matcha tea and whip thoroughly. Pour directly into round and shallow silicone moulds (aroud 4 cm). Leave in the fridge.

To serve:

with a stainless-steel 4cm cake ring, assemble the tartare, cover with a “sea flavour” and a dill’s feather.

Can be served as a first course.

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