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eggs and breakfast

Sometimes, simplicity is all that the body and mind are asking for. When it’s cold and I have to get away from a warm and comfy bed, my taste buds are asking for something warm and comfy!

Like everybody else, I don’t have hours ahead of me in the morning.

 I love a simple egg with some melted cheddar cheese, espelette hot red pepper, sprouts and fresh basil.

It’s quick and nourishing. It’s filling and the colours are helping to start the day!

So it’s not always necessary to spen hours in the kitchen in order to eat well and you don’t need a cupboard or a fridge full of fancy stuffs.

Sometimes I skip the cheese and the green but the only thing I can’t do without is the espelette red hot pepper.

It comes from some part of France (pays Basque in the South East near Spain) and for me it’s like a magic powder that brings some depth to a simple meal.

Try it next time you taste like the sauce is missing something. Often, it’s either a few drops of lemon juice or a pinch of red hot pepper. It’s a light red pepper, not too hot but subtle in flavor. But if you like it spicy, don’t hesitate to use another one!

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buckwheat pancakes

Those pancakes have the same texture as the “gluten version”. The secret, anyway, is not to mix the dough too well, even if there are lumps in it.

You need to mix:

300g of buckwheat flour (or rice flour)

3 tsp of baking powder

1 pinch of salt

Then mix:

2 tbsp of agave syrup

1 lemon juice and enough soy milk to get a total liquid of 500 ml

75g of melted butter (I use raw butter which tastes better and is full of healthy vitamins) or coconut oil

1 egg (or the equivalent with an egg replacer – look at the instructions on the package)

Mix the liquid and the solid.

Heat a pan (I use an iron one and the result is perfect) with a little oil or butter and pour a small laddle of dough. When the bubble starts to break on top of the pancake but before it dries, turn over and cook 1 or 2 more minutes.

Serve with mapple syrup and a pinch of sea salt flakes (or a slice of bacon if you fancy it)

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