Monthly Archives: October 2011

a touch of red

It’s Friday night… I’m still working tomorrow so I won’t have much time or much energy to cook tonight.

What do I have in my pantry that I can use for an easy meal? I have some garbanzo beans already cooked, some great organic black olives pitted and in olive oil from Italy, a bit of arborio rice, cherry tomatoes, and a lot of rosemary.

I’m gonna fry the rice and the olives with its oil. I like garlic so I think I’ll mince some and add it to the fry.

I’ll add the water (2 cups /cup of rice) when the rice is translucid with some salt and the rosemary. As the garbanzo beans are already cooked, I’ll add them when the rice is cooked and because it would be nice to have some red in the plate, I’ll cut cherry tomatoes in two and mix it with the meal.

I’ll eat some tonight and have the left over for my lunch tomorrow.

my twist in the kitchen

What will you find on this blog ?

Recipes, book reviews, ingredients review, nutritional advices, what to do with certain kitchen tools…

All of it with my own little twist and insight!